Product highlights: technology and how it’s made / factory capabilities / media for business meetings.

Suitable for: automotive and supplier factories / other factories that use advanced production technologies.

Video product use: presentations to business partners around the world / meetings and conventions with client and suppliers, internal communications.

We started working with Metaplast in 2016 and we were fortunate enough to develop a number of projects for them.

At first, they needed to have a video that would put the capabilities of the factory into the spotlight when meeting potential business partners and clients. Our approach was more like in a documentary, as we tried to understand and film the whole production workflows – hot stamping, door parts and so on. Then we trimmed it in a more commercial way, in order to make it more accessible duration wise. For all this we used our experience working in both television and on artistic documentaries and films.

Metaplast is an automotive business that supplies brands such as Groupe Renault and Ford Motor Company (b2b), so our business videos range from highlighting the technologies employed in their factory to official visits, as well as the Groupe Renault Romania Suppliers Quality Convention hosted by Metaplast.

As the factory expended, we also started a photography project in order to document all the production lines being built, both for marketing and archival purposes.

The most important challenge when working a big business like Metaplast is to convince them that video and photo products provide added value to a successful business, if done right and on par with their hopes and needs.