Real Estate

Product highlights: workshops / testimonials / broadcast quality interviews / educational

Product use: workshop / educational / social media / internal communications

We’ve developed our approach capitalizing on our experience from several APAIR projects. APAIR, Romanian Association of Realtors is modeled after NAR, the National Association of Realtors in the United States. They provide educational resources and quality workshops for realtors with the aim of improving their professional level. Our mission was to cover different events, delivering several workshop videos, interviews and testimonials.

On one hand, their challenge was to produce a series of broadcast quality interviews with the president of the NAR, as well as with several members of the Association from the United States. On the other hand, they needed to develop their educational resources, so we helped them achieve their goal by filming testimonials with participants from several workshops.

At Real Pro, a real estate company which also sells a franchise, the main problem was under representation. Basically, people didn’t know them very well and they didn’t understand their business model and their products. We’ve assisted them for several months and helped them to better express their values by establishing an online presence. We did this through interviews and posts on social media. We’ve also provided media training and proofreading on the core site texts and values.