2019 Rolls Royce Phantom car review @ Masinistul

We were summoned on short notice for a car review with only one shooting day and with almost no preparation. The idea was, of course, to film the car, but also to find an artistic direction to explore. Here, teamwork and experience were the most important factors if we wanted to succeed and deliver a quality product. No need to say that the car itself, a 2019 Rolls Royce Phantom, was enough to get us going for the best.

In the end we chose to shoot an artistic scene, to introduce the car without specific reference and to focus on the details in order to discover that it was a Rolls Royce. We also filmed some beauty shots, as well as some dynamic shots where we had to improvise, as we didn’t have access neither to some film proof locations, nor to special equipment. Fortunately, the cohesion of the team made things possible. From a color and music standpoint, one source of inspiration was glam rock for both its elegance and free spirit, the other being the soundtracks of 1960s and 70s science fiction films.