La Tentation

A cinematic portrait of “La Tentation” in Brussels. Genre: short / duration: 6’49”

Today “La tentation” is a cultural playground for musicians, dancers and other artists. In the past, the building was a fabrics store where dozens of workers were trying to make a living. And there was a quarrel. Then something happened…Remember: the past does not vanish, it simply changes shape. It evolves.

by Vlad Nedelcu
Editing, Color, Motion Graphics: Andrei Dinu
Music composer and sound editor: Andrei Chiriac
Subtitles: Ella Stefana

IHECS Academy Team:
Oonagh Duckworth
Anne Orban
Christina Jékey
Jasper Rooselaer
Vlad Nedelcu

Interviewer: Oonagh Duckworth
Interviewee: Marisol Palomo
Waiter: Jasper Rooselaer
Dance performer: Julien Gypens