SubscriptionsStandalone project
1 presentation video1 presentation video
8 very short videos per month for Facebook & Instagram
(for 6 months)
12  very short videos for Facebook & Instagram
top notch photo packagetop-notch photo package
website and 1 year supportwebsite
duration 6 months5% discount for returning customers
starting at 750 euros per month 
5% discount when choosing subscriptions 
10% discount for returning customers 

Standalone projects are the fastest way to make a media statement. Through standalone projects we provide up to 3 months social media videos and related content. They can also be paired with packages comprising of websites and photos. By choosing a standalone project you’ll be able to provide a 3 months social media flow – 2 posts / week.

Subscriptions give you access to many perks and they allow us to deploy a more dynamic strategy, see what’s working and what needs to be adjusted on the run.
This is a win-win situation, as it offers you lower costs for videos, a better production and post production timeline. We can adjust our work dynamically, meaning we’ll produce videos that you need at a certain point in time: spring / fall campaigns, awareness campaigns. By choosing the subscription service you’ll be able to provide a 6 months social media flow – 2 posts / week, which it’ll be dynamically tweaked according to your needs.

Before starting any project, an assessment will be completed in order to identify your needs and fall on the same page in terms of goals and means of achieving them.